About us

Gold Synergy Limited is a Singapore based Gold bullion trading company, in the all-too-familiar and ever-expanding market. Proud owners of GOLDSYNERGY bars, a duly registered brand, trademark and concept, Gold Synergy Limited offers the only investment grade Gold bullion that can refute all argument of financial pundits denouncing gold as an investment altogether.

Being in the business of selling gold, we understand the needs of our clients and the complications, per say, associated with owning physical gold bullion, and have catered to all conceivable apprehensions and concerns emanating from indulging in investment in this glittering yellow metal. We offer not only gold bars, duly endorsed for weight and quality by registered LBMA refinery(s), our experts are facilitate availing of vaulting services by rated banks for your gold bullion, redressing the security threats often allied with the only historically proven safe-haven investment.

Our Gold Bars represents a specialized 24k Gold bar, of 999.99 purity, minted and endorsed for weight and purity by registered LBMA refinery(s), with a distinct feature entailing an option of generating regular, fixed and guaranteed returns on the Gold Bar, independent of the fluctuation in price of gold, through a special arrangement with a Labuan registered Fund Manager, Goldassurance Asset Management Company Ltd.